Uncial Hand Project

Classwork: For classes 18-20

We will be working on our final project, which will be a greeting card. You will be choosing an Irish quote, about friends or family, which you will write in the Uncial hand.  Please keep it school appropriate and give credit to the person who said it.

Step one: begin writing your quote on lined paper (It has to fit with in the 4×6 size frame).

  • Keep your letters evenly spaced
  • Keep your pen strokes uniform
  • keep your words evenly spaced
  • keep your letters the same height

Step two: cut out each line of your quote and tape the lines onto another piece of lined paper, you can setup the quote how you like (It has to fit with in the 4×6 size frame).

Step three: using the light box, trace your quote onto a piece of calligraphy paper, which will be a 4×6 surface.  This quote is in the inside of the greeting card.

Step four: Choose a design, or picture to draw (free hand) on a 4×6 piece of paper, this will be the front of your card.  Outline in a thin sharpie marker, and color in using markers.

Step five:  Address the envelope with the address that you brought in for your friend or family member.

If you are interested in seeing how I will be grading this project please click the link below. You can check back through out the art making process to make sure you are on task: Calligraphy Rubric

Student Example:




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