Uncial Hand


The uncial alphabet, is currently used now, mainly as a decorative script on road signs, street names, shop signs and elsewhere in Ireland.  Although this calligraphy hand did not originate in Ireland, it has become the lettering of the land.


Essential Questions:

  • What is the Uncial hand in Calligraphy?
  • What are the specific pen techniques for the Uncial hand?

What you will learn from this section:

  • Distinguish the different details, techniques, and characteristics for the Uncial hand, and how they differ from the Roman Hand.
  • Know the multicultural history behind the Uncial hand.
  • Know the different writing mediums used in the Uncial historical art period
  • Develop the hand eye coordination and writing skills.
  • Create a successful Greeting Card, using the details, techniques and characteristics of the Uncial, with a twist of their own artistic influence.


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