Gothic Hand

The Gothic hand is still currently in use today all over the world.  Because it is so detailed, it is usually used for posters, album covers, or certificates.english_gothic_17th_c_specimen

Essential Questions:

  • What is the Gothic hand in Calligraphy?
  • What are the specific pen techniques for the Gothic hand?

What you will be learning in this section:

  • Distinguish the different details, techniques, and characteristics for the Gothic hand, and how they differ from the Roman Hand and Uncial Hand.
  • Know the multicultural history behind the Gothic hand.
  • Know the different writing mediums used in the Gothic historical art period
  • Develop the hand eye coordination and writing skills.
  • Create a successful name design, using first, middle, and last names, and adding embellishment to the name and around the name itself.


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Gothic Letters


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