Roman Hand Project

Classwork: For Classes 8-10

We will be starting our final project, you will be choosing a quote which you will write in the Roman hand.  It can be a quote from your favorite song, poem, or an inspirational saying.  Please keep it school appropriate and give credit to the person who said it.

Step one: begin writing your quote on lined paper.

  • Keep your letters evenly spaced
  • Keep your pen strokes uniform
  • keep your words evenly spaced
  • keep your letters the same height

Step two: cut out each line of your quote and tape the lines onto another piece of lined paper, you can setup the quote how you like.

Step three: using the light box, trace your quote onto a piece of calligraphy paper.

Step four: add flourishes and embellishments around your quote.

If you are interested in seeing how I will be grading this project please click the link below. You can check back through out the art making process to make sure you are on task: Calligraphy Rubric

Student Example:

Roman Hand Final Project


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