Old English

The Old English calligraphy hand has two names, it can also be called black lettering.  Just like the Gothic hand, it is still in use today, being used for band names, posters, and certificates.


Essential Questions:

  • What is the Old English hand in Calligraphy?
  • What are the specific pen techniques for the Old English hand?

What you will be learning in this sections:

  • Distinguish the different details, techniques, and characteristics for the Old English hand, and how they differ from the Roman Hand, Uncial Hand, and Gothic.
  • Know the multicultural history behind the Old English hand.
  • Know the different writing mediums used in the Old English historical art period
  • Develop the hand eye coordination and writing skills.
  • Create a successful wall hanging that includes upper and lower case alphabet, numbers 1-10, and a quote.


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Old English Lettering


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